Tim & Naomi | City Wedding at Saint Mary’s Anglican Church - Kangaroo Point, Aus


Elegant. Classy. Sophisticated.

These are just some of the words to sum up the inspiration of our wedding film for Tim & Naomi. These two did their wedding in style.

Tim and Naomi literally couldn't stop smiling the whole day! If you can find a shot in this film where neither of them aren't smiling and aren't full of happiness then you might as well not even bother; because you won't find a frown.

One of the highlights of the day had to be where we filmed the boys walking towards the camera down the pier in 96fps super slow-motion... I knew from that shot, that we had a really cool wedding film on our hands.

"I'll always try to take inspiration from the couple and their personalities. Taking inspiration from my couples helps me to choose everything from shot style, editing style, music, and generally the whole vibe of the film."

Every wedding you shoot will have its challenges, no matter how long I believe you've been doing it for. You may think you're prepared and you know exactly what you're doing until something unexpected takes you off guard; we've learnt from filming weddings that it's OK to keep things simple. 

It's people like Tim & Naomi (and their family members) that were so gracious and uplifting to us, that we were able to take a risk on the way we approached our wedding film. They also allowed us to make big changes to the film that subsequently made it x10 better! A big change in the way we styled our films happened that day. A change that was for the better.

Forever thankful,

- Ben O'Sullivan

Music Provided by Music Bed

Gear used: Canon 6d w/ 24-105mm

Telling stories. Capturing emotion.