Stephen & Rebekah | Big Ocean Love in Port Macquarie, Aus


Stephen & Rebekah Moran were our first wedding film of 2016 and it pretty much started our year with a BANG! because this also was our first destination Wedding. So with the help of my assistant Alex, who always does an incredbile job helping me out, we traveled down to the beautiful Port Macquarie!

The preparation and lead up to the wedding date went super smooth; probably because Rebekah has crazy organisation skills. She also had enough trust to let us borrow her own car to zip around Port Macquarie in! LEGEND. Probably one of the newest challenges was trying to compensate for the luggage restrictions when travelling with so much gear. All my gear was awkwardly crammed into multiple bags inside one bigger suitcase. I had no idea what I was doing. But I learnt a lot. 

When we arrived in Port Macquarie we checked in to our hip little tennis motel complete with tennis courts! Unfortunately there was no time for tennis :( for we had to head straight to our couples practice ceremony; which by the way is always very helpful if you can get to one.

On the day of the wedding we were super pumped and headed straight over to the boys first; our morning consisted of coffee, a crazy game of pool and an intense super smash bros. sesh on the OG nintendo! Stephen is also fully into LEGO and had little LEGO men resembling his groomsmen personalties and faces which was super, super cool! So unique!

We then travelled over to the girls and found them enjoying the rainy vibes. Although it did rain while we were at Rebekah's morning preparations, we just rolled with the vibes and totally made it work! The overcast weather is perfect shooting conditions for us videographers!

One of the highlights of the day was definitely travelling to all the stunning locations the couple had picked out for their photoshoot in a fully legit double decker bus! Crazy! We had so much fun singing Back Street Boys classics for the whole 2hr drive. The lads really loved Back Street Boys! Like really.

Rebekah and Stephen were such a cruisey, light-hearted, fun couple and their energy definitely inspired the final outcome of the wedding film. It was basically just EPIC.

Thanks so much for having us Stephen & Rebekah, you guys are so great and we loved being apart of your incredible day :)

- Ben O'Sullivan

Music provided by Music Bed

Gear used: Canon 70d w/ sigma 18-35mm

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