Sam & Madeleine | Misty Maleny Mountains - Sunshine Coast, Aus


Two lovers on top of misty mountains, what more could you want? We absolutely heart sunshine coast weddings, becuse they're almost always alternative which makes what we capture look x10 more interesting.

So with gear packed and car fuelled up, Matt Howard and I began road tripping to the always sunny, sunny coast. It's nothing but a solid drive all the way through, particularly when you begin your trek up through the mountain scapes. We did pull over occasionally to get some awesome footage of the landscapes!

When we arrived at the gals, they were already in full swing of their morning preparations. This gave us plenty to shoot, which was nice. Madeleine's dress was imported from the Philippines and was super glam. 

he lads were about 20 minutes away and were suiting up at Weekend at Bernie's (which is also apparently a weird film) and were looking super fresh. There was also a really awesome view overlooking the mountains!

"One of the highlights of the day was definitely the more formal parts of the celebration during the ceremony and reception. The speeches, messages and worship in the little church was really special and we were super honoured to be apart of it. I think that's what makes this job so awesome; the fact that you get to be apart of a milestone in someone's life. It's incredibly humbling." 

Sam & Madeleine were nothing short of chilled, and made us feel so welcomed. The reception was held at the always classy Victoria Park with the most amazing entrée bread and dip I think I've ever had. Howard will testify. And just when you thought the night was over, Sam & Madeleine unexpectedly tore up the dance floor with some sweet moves so we recorded one of the best dance sessions ever! Go Grandma!

Overall, it was another fantastic day, thank you so much Sam, Madeleine, friends and family for letting us in your wedding day!

- Ben O'Sullivan

Music Provided by Music Bed

Gear used: Canon 6d w/ 24-105mm

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