Luke & Emily | Sunset at Albert Rivers Winery, Aus


Luke and Emily were probably our most emotional wedding of the year! There were many happy tears from friends, family members and even most likely, probably, maybe us ;)

I've had the pleasure of knowing Luke and Emily for quite some time now and they're an absolute power couple. Marriage is a big decision and it's been awesome to see them grow in character and maturity. Perhaps that's why there were tears on my behalf.

The venue that they picked was absolutely stunning up at Albert River Wines which you should totally check out if you're looking for a close knit Ceremony and Reception. In the afternoon the sun shines straight through the entire venue, literally engulfing it with orange and yellows. This was perfect flare weather for the camera where it shines onto the lens and makes some pretty magical looking effects. It was heaven!

At the Reception there was a really relaxed vibe with people chatting away into the night. We also captured a super emotional daddy daughter dance which I think had everyone choked up a bit! It was a pretty special moment.

After many happy tears thankfully friends and family members were ready to jump on the dance floor and kick it into celebration mood with some sweet moves. 

We look forward to being apart of more of our friends celebrations in the coming years and what an honour it is to be apart of that.

- Ben O'Sullivan

Music Provided by Music Bed

Gear used: Canon 6d w/ 24-105mm

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