Kyle & Kim | Somerset Dam, QLD


I've known Kyle since I was a young, grade eight high-schooler, where I met him on a youth camp. Little did I know 7 years later I would be filming his marriage to the wonderful Kim!

With bags packed and ready to go, I headed out to Somerset Dam. The scenery on the road to Somerset Dam is truely lovely and the hours driving out seemed to go by quickly. Once I arrived at the farm stay I was greeted as always by one of Kyle's bear hugs and was introduced to all the lads (who by the way had some of the coolest groomsmen outfits I'd seen in a while).

There was no time to waste as we hurried into preparations for the ceremony. There was still quite some work to do but thankfully many hands make light work and we were able to finish with enough time on the clock for a swim and BBQ sesh on this hot summer's day.

The boys fired up the BBQ and threw on some extremely oversized dinosaur steaks on the fire. While they were cooking, we thought we'd put the pool to good use! Unfortunately that pool hadn't been put to good use it seemed for a very, very long time as the water was arctic cold sitting under that pool cover for who knows how long.

But without delay Kyle and friends jumped in one by one regretting the decision they had just made bouncing right back out of the frozen water just as quickly as they had jumped in. It definitely made for some good footage (and memories).

Skip forward to the ceremony and their were many nerves as the guest began pouring onto the farm stay. Kyle and Kim both wanted an alternative wedding day and they definitely got one. From Kyle's boots and colourful bowtie to Kim's unique sleeved wedding dress, every detail was thoughtfully handpicked and it paid off big time! I was in creative videographer heaven.

Overall the day was just an absolute blast and you have to watch the film to really understand! This is one of the many reasons I love what I do. This right here; to travel to stunning locations and to be surrounded by joyous couples, friends and families celebrating their wedding day.

What a memorable one it was! Kyle & Kim you guys rule!

- Ben O'Sullivan

Music Provided by Music Bed

Gear used: Canon 6d w/ 24-105mm

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