Jesse & Amber | Elegant Innercity Wedding, Brisbane


Jesse and Amber were totally sweet hearts! By now these guys felt like family, I had previously filmed Jesse's brother's wedding and Amber's sister's wedding and now had the honour of filming these two! Who's next!?

In familiar taste and style to their siblings previous weddings the wedding day was elegant and classy but had it's own brand of uniqueness. Jesse and Amber were both sweet hearts and I really enjoyed hearing their story about how they met as they both read out their letters to one another.

The highlight of the day had to be when we arrived on top of Mt. Cootha to a spectacular sunset fit for the occasion. The venue was packed with friends, family and relatives chatting away and having a good time. The night was full of wonderful speeches and I always enjoy listening to all the stories of love, laughter and friendship. Just take a look at the film yourself!

Our approach for film-making stems from the moments, memories and emotions we share with those around us on the day and we were so thrilled that we were able to capture something special from Jesse & Amber.

We're looking forward to 2017 and beyond!

- Ben O'Sullivan

Music Provided by Music Bed

Gear used: Canon 6d w/ 24-105mm

Telling stories. Capturing emotion.