Darian & Alexis | Brisbane City Wedding, Aus


Darian and Alexis were our final wedding of 2016 and what a wedding it was. Darian and Alexis were super lovely and welcomed us so well.

The ceremony was held at a Greek orthodox Church which are famous for their stunning art and portrayals. The art stretches all away around the dome of the church and through hallways and doorways etc. I don't think there was an area where there wasn't a piece of colourful art hanging!

During the reception when the dance floor opened up we were able to capture some traditional Greek dancing which was really cool. If I wasn't on the job I think I would've joined in for sure!

The highlight of the day had to be when we got to capture some special moments between the couple during the photoshoot. The contrast of the couple in their wedding attire against the city scapes made for some good footage.

Thank you Darian and Alexis for opening your arms to us for the day, we were absolutely thrilled with the footage and we wish you both all the best together!

- Ben O'Sullivan

Music Provided by Music Bed

Gear used: Canon 6d w/ 24-105mm

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