A sweet little breakdown for couples about the importance of lighting on your Wedding day.



Lighting, Lighting, Lighting! Nothing is more vital to a cinematographer (and photographer) than light. By definition a cinematographer is a manipulator of light, therefore we love the light! Here are a few things to think about when revolving your Wedding day around the sun.



Golden Hour is literally the last hour before the sun sets where the light begins to omit a radiant warmth of ambient gold - perfect. The good news is the light just keeps getting better and better, softening before eventually hiding behind the horizon. In our opinion, this is the most valuable time of your Wedding day as a couple, where we slow things down and remind you to breath! When you take a moment to exhale, you’ll find that your imagery will come out looking super natural and super relaxed. Take a moment to google what time the sun will set on your Wedding day and schedule your favourite location for that time for an absolute win.



Soft, subtle and glorious. All we simply suggest is that you place yourself durning preparations near a window for that flattering ‘window light’ so that we can capture your beauty in all its glory. Quick tip; the bigger the window, the softer the light source will be! When it comes to the preparations also, something to definitely factor into your Wedding day is the travel distance between you both. This way videographers and photographers alike can maximise your precious time and collect all the buzz on both ends effectively.


CEREMONY - Indoor vs Outdoor

We love a good outdoor Ceremony because Mother Nature literally does all the heavy lifting for you (no plug-ins required) but it’s hard to pass an amazing indoor Ceremony that allows for large streams of natural light to come on through. Picking your Ceremony location will be an important factor in this, but if things are looking a little dark on an indoor stage, we suggest having some sizeable, soft warm/yellow lights close by as this will make your skin tones look pretty rather than mixed coloured lighting. Essentially if things are looking light & bright to the eye - it’ll be alright! Speak to your venue or event organiser on more suggestions.