5 Reasons You Need a Wedding Videographer

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What will matter most to you in 50 years time? One of the biggest regrets I hear from previous married folk is that they didn’t bother to think twice about investing into a professional wedding videographer. In my experience, I have found that most Brides are happy to immediately budget and fork out a few thousand for an A+ photographer, which don’t get me wrong, is recommended, but when it came to the wedding video side of things well… let’s just say it was like buying a burger and leaving out the best bits (arguably the pickles). This is what we like to label in the industry as ‘fast-food weddings’, where the couple is looking for a quick and easy deal using whatever little budget they have left over for one of the most underrated aspects of their day - video.

I spoke to a happily married Bride recently and when I brought up the topic of wedding videography she shook her head and with much frustration expressed her horror story of a wedding video experience to me like this; “I confess, we were definitely looking for ‘the cheaper option’ when it came to wedding video side of things because we didn’t really know what we wanted at the time - so I remember quickly finding this local vendor and skipping over a lot of their work, going straight to their prices, because I figured they’d just ‘get the job done,” she gave a deep sigh and continued.

“Anyway, our wedding and honeymoon were beautiful but when my husband and I finally sat down to re-live our big day, we were left with what looked like it was shot from a scene of ‘Cloverfield’ and had the sound quality you’d expect from the inside of a bathroom,” I admit, I laughed at that and with a creased smile she laughed it off too, but deep down I could tell she was frustrated, “It was all kinda deflating coming back to ‘that’ after such a wonderful few weeks, but the worst part was after we had seen it once, we then spent that whole night arguing over who’s decision it was to get wedding video in the first place - that wasn’t fun.”

I wish I could’ve helped her out, but unfortunately, I couldn’t - the deed had been done. There was no re-takes, re-shoots or re-edits, that was it and I guess that’s what bugged her (and me) the most.

Bottom line: Cheap-fix = Regrets.

Hearing her story inspired the writing this article for all to see and my goal is to hopefully convince you to consider investing into a professional wedding videographer. What you’re about to read might just save you stress, exhaustion and your marriage! Here are five reasons why you need wedding video:

 1. Video is dynamic. Photos are static.
Video moves. Video has sound.  Video speaks to you - shifting and shaping an atmosphere almost like it’s alive! This is why film in general is such a powerful medium, it’s trying to say convey a message or emotion through to you. That is why when Brides get to see their husbands waiting at the altar with tears in his eyes - they can really feel it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good photo but as beautiful as wedding photos can be hanging on a wall, nothing quite captures the ‘vibe’ (my favourite word) of your wedding day like a well-made video.

2. Not everyone will be able to make it on the day
If you’re like me, you have friends and relatives in far-flung places of the world who, unfortunately, won’t be able to be present on your big day. Not to worry, because video generates an atmosphere they can feel as if they were really there. That’s the power of video! Maybe one day we will be able to create a 4-D wedding experience for our clients but until then, HD (and 4K) is as close as your friends and family are going to get to the real thing - which is pretty darn close.

3.  Instant time travel; what do you want to show your kids?
Have you ever wished you could go back in time and see your parents wedding day? What about your grandparents? Maybe you already have and wished you hadn’t. But imagine if your kids could re-watch your wedding day as a cinematic and emotional experience rather than a CCTV recording of what appears to be two people on screen. There’d be nothing worse than hearing little Timmy say, “Well, that was a boring video,”and the response being, “Well, we didn’t want to spend the money on a professional sweetie.” Poor Timmy. Don’t you want to give your future generation something to marvel over other than these Marvel movies? I’m sure Timmy would love your wedding film, especially if it was ‘epic’.

4. The ability to freeze-time; your day flies by
If I had a dollar for every Bride who has said to me, “Wow! Our day went by so quickly!” I would be a rich man, probably writing this article from the Maldives as I sip on a non-alcoholic lemon-lime and bitters. Think about this, you spend hours, weeks, months (even years!) preparing for this ‘one day’ that will be over before you can say, “I do”. The chances are, you will forget even the most precious of memories from your wedding day and if that scares you, (and I totally get it) then that is exactly why you need video which can help stimulate those sights, sounds and feelings you had when you first looked your lover in the eyes. However, only a master wedding videographer will have the ability to do that - so choose wisely.

5. It’s social media friendly; be proud of your wedding day

We now live in a world driven by social media. There would be nothing worse than having a wedding film that you and your spouse are to embarrassed to share either (a) because the quality of the film looks like it was shot on an apple (pun intended) (b) because the music/song choice sounds like it was picked by your grade six graduation DJ or (c) because you copped some not so glamorous facial shots of yourself during your bridal preparations that were left in. So, to save yourself from ‘social anxiety’ imagine having a professional artist who only has your best in mind and knows how to capture your day so darn well that you look like you’re the star of the show (because you are!). That way, you’ll be proud to share your wedding film across Facebook, Instagram and the world.

Now what?

Like my lovely Bride told me, if she could go back in time, she would’ve budgeted for a wedding videographer the moment her husband bent the knee - and you should too.

When I asked her again for a piece of advice for my future Brides, she told me this, “Money comes and goes, but experiences and special memories do not, I repeat, they do not come back around!” I couldn’t agree more.

That is why when it comes to wedding video, we ourselves at True North Films, personally go above and beyond to produce a cinematic, emotional, piece of art that that you (and little Timmy) will be proud to share again and again (and again).

Please, don’t become an “I wish a had a wedding videographer,” statistic. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result and what I mean by that is, don’t make the same mistakes previous Brides have! Don’t go the cheap-fix option. Don’t do ‘fast-food’ (in general) and don’t give up on finding the perfect match to soon! Choose a videographer who cares about the craft and has the work to back it up and you can’t g wrong. Again, I ask, what will matter most to you in 50 years time?

With love,


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