We are true north films.

Stories are at the core of who we are as humans and we believe film-making is a powerful tool that has the ability to tell those stories and captivate hearts in an incredible way. Creativity and authenticity are two of the fundamentals True North Films has been built upon and we strive to incorporate our unique outlook into every project we come across.

We can't wait to work with you.

Meet Ben - Director/SENIOR Editor


Ben is a visionary creative. His approach to film-making stems from the moments, memories and emotions he has shared with those around him. He strives to incorporate various emotional elements into every project he comes across by drawing his inspiration uniquely from you.

Jeremy Lewis.jpg

Jeremy Lewis - Cinematographer/editor

New to the team Jeremy carries a keen eye for detail and attention to aesthetic while also bringing a calm and relaxing approach to his film-making.

Meet Phillip - Cinematographer

Phil is a passionate and hard-working individual. Phil specialises in seeing your wedding day through the lens of a perfectionist; this means every shot and frame he produces contains great attention to detail that helps convey his passion for storytelling.

Dave Meikle.jpg

Dave Meikle - Cinematographer/audio engineer

Dave brings a valuable outlook to the team and makes it his best interest to ensure your wedding film looks polished and professional.


We're taking new directions with film

We are looking for adventurous, outgoing and non-traditional couples in amazing locations as we know that we are better at interpreting their story and their personalities through film.  If our style and approach suits you then...

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